Tomohiro Kimura Artist Interview

Tomohiro Kimura

I mainly draw women and angels. Produced in digital and analog.
I am exploring how to express an attractive person. Born in 1973.
Graduated from Takarazuka University of Art and Design (currently Takarazuka University) Graduate School of Art and Design.
I am active mainly in exhibitions such as solo exhibitions and group exhibitions.
Illustration production for TOSHIBA dynabook KIRA campaign.


How I started painting

It's been a long time, but
There is a program to restore Michelangelo's ceiling paintings and murals in the Vatican's Sistine Chapel.

When I saw Michelangelo's paintings, I was amazed and moved by why they were able to attract so many people.

I have loved drawing since I was a child.
I wanted to draw a picture that would make people interested.
This is the reason why I started painting.

why are you painting?

It's partly because I like to draw, but now it's become a habit to draw like I brush my teeth.

Of course, there are times when things don't go as planned when I'm drawing, but for me, I think I draw to calm myself down.

I am also interested in what kind of painting I will draw in the future.

I think that my past self would be surprised if I saw my current work,
I can't wait to see what kind of pictures you will draw in the future.

What do you think is important in production?

Rather than focusing only on technical aspects,
We place great importance on whether the finished work is appealing.

Rather than a good work, I think it's fine if it's a work that somehow attracts you.

I work both digitally and analogue.
In the case of analog works, you can understand the goodness by actually seeing the color development and color unevenness at the exhibition.

Digital works have the potential to be seen by many people because they are easy to develop on screens, prints, and goods.

Regardless of whether it is digital or analog, I am planning to use them separately or in combination depending on the purpose and work.

When did you start being evaluated?

When I was doing 3DCG, I received an award, but since I started drawing women like I do now, I think it's because the number of people who see my work on Twitter and Instagram has increased.

I still don't feel that my work has been appreciated, so I will continue to work on it so that more people can see it.

What was your impression when you heard about the DiGARO project?

Last year, I was mainly producing analog works for exhibitions such as solo exhibitions, but I was also producing digital works at the same time, so I'm glad that the field of activity has expanded.

I was happy to be able to participate among these artists because all the participating artists were people I knew.

How did you come up with your current style? Or what inspired you?

When I was in college, I was doing oil painting,
I was painting something like a religious painting,
When I was in graduate school, I encountered a Mac and started creating works with 3DCG.

It was fun to be able to create the space I wanted with 3DCG.
It took too long to produce as a work, so I started to draw portraits digitally.

However, I couldn't get the texture I wanted with only digital, so I didn't have enough time to draw rough sketches with a pencil.
It is a feeling that I have been producing works that combine digital and analog, and have reached the present.

In terms of people, I like Michelangelo and Klimt, but I am also influenced by the world drawn by Hundertwasser.

The way I express myself is different from when I was a student, but the part of me that wants to express people hasn't changed.

I can see a lot of great works on Twitter, so I get new inspiration and influences every day.

Future prospects

So far, I have been mainly active in solo exhibitions and group exhibitions, but I have been working on book bindings, packages, wine labels, etc.
Anything is fine, but I want my work to be used as a product in everyday life .

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